Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Currently ...

Keeping up with my blog and my NaNoWriMo project is exhausting, but I honestly feel like I'm in a really good creative groove right now. I'm looking forward to Helene's webinar tonight, which is all about finding balance.

Here's a glimpse of my life at the moment ...

Getting hairs done = selfie time!
Sipping ... tea, Spark, and water.
Since I'm in the midst of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, that's about all I'm allowed to drink. I really miss beer. And coffee. Even the crappy office coffee smells good to me these days. I'm also really missing beer, especially since the brewery where I work is tapping a peanut butter porter tonight. Sigh.  Just two more weeks.

Netflixing ... singing shows.
They are my fuel when I'm writing. I've been re-watching "Glee," which has been good company. And I recently finished my second run-through of "Sing It On," a documentary-type series about college acapella groups. It's like "Pitch Perfect" in television form. The voices are amazing, and it's interesting to see all the behind-the-scenes preparation. Also, there's a girl named Micah, so I'm partial to her group. Michael drives me nuts though. He's such a control freak. I became completely emotional during episode seven, when one of the groups lost a member to depression and suicide. It's a subject that hits close to home for me, so there were a lot of tears. I hope there's another season of the show because I loved it.

Listening to ... Tyler Lyle and Stephen Kellogg.
Tyler Lyle opened for David Ryan Harris last week and gifted me with one of his CDs. It's filled with beautiful words and melodies. Stephen Kellogg's South West North East isn't due out until February, but I was a backer, so I got a copy early, and I'm in love. Both artists have a way with songwriting that makes me want to be a better writer.

Looking forward to ... this weekend.
I'm running a 5K on Saturday morning, and I'm going to a hockey game in the evening. I also have a blind beer tasting even to attend in the afternoon, which will be a bit lame for me since I can't drink beer right now. But oh well. Those are the only obligations I have. I'll spend the rest of the time writing, and it will be glorious.

Shopping for ... Christmas gifts for my family and friends.
Over the weekend, we agreed on our gifting rules for this Christmas (I'll write more about it in the near future), so it's time for me to get to work. I've also found a few things for my favorite non-relatives. I'm so excited to give them presents!

Obsessing over ... the characters in my NaNoWriMo project.
The main guy has a lot of demons he needs to fight, and the secondary character is proving to be interesting too. I'm four chapters in and I've barely scratched the surface of their personalities and their story.

Remembering ... veterans.
My grandfather served, and I have many friends and acquaintances who have put on a uniform. Today, I thank all of them for their willingness to give their time (and sometimes more) for the country. 

What's up with you lately?


  1. I like to steal the gift ideas of others, I'm a terrible gifter. I usually end up corralling some of my favorite things!

  2. Oooh I'm going to give Sing It On a try!!

  3. Oh, Glee!! I love that show so much. It needed to end, and I'm glad that they didn't keep beating it to death, but I miss seeing new episodes!! I rewatch the full seasons regularly, but right now, I'm in Christmas mode: I'll be watching their Christmas specials soon!

  4. I, too, usually gift things that I love. The older I get, the more shopping stresses me out though. Everyone already has everything!


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