Monday, November 9, 2015

Music Monday: David Ryan Harris

Last week, I had a long overdue reunion with an artist I hadn't seen in nine years. The first time I saw him perform was before a John Mayer/Maroon 5 show in the summer of 2004.  I went to four shows on that tour, and David Ryan Harris played a side stage set before each one. And then he'd go on stage to play guitar alongside Mr. Mayer. I saw him again in 2006, when he was the first act in a night that included Mat Kearney, John Mayer, and Sheryl Crow. Talk about a fantastic concert.

On Thursday, I finally saw David playing the role of headliner, and it was outstanding. He's an incredibly talented guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. A triple threat, if you will. He played a lot of the songs I remembered from those past shows and included a glimpse at the stories behind them, which only made me appreciate them more.

Instead of sharing just one DRH song, I'm including my top three all-time favorites.  Enjoy!! (Also, if he comes to a city near you, please go check him out!)

He wrote this song about the woman who eventually became his wife. But this was about a time when things weren't so certain between them.

This one makes me swoon. Every. Single. Time. And his lead-in speech is perfect.

And here's a sweet one he wrote for his mama.

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