Monday, December 7, 2015

Music Monday: Josh Hoge - "Falling" & "Snowed In"

I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies. The cheesiest of cheesy. They're all predictable, but sometimes I think that's welcomed in this life.  I'm a sucker for a good love story.  You might even call me hopeless.  This song fits in well with all of those lovey feelings. It might be due in part to Josh Hoge's voice. I melt every time.

Warm and cold
Scared and bold
You're the puzzle that I try to fit
You're fire by night
And when the morning light comes
Comfortable as rain on Sunday
The storm that keeps me lying awake
Oh, yes ... Melting.

And if you're looking for sexy, check out this one:

I shared this one last year, but I still haven't found a sexier holiday song. Whew. Is it warm in here?
Both songs are from Josh's album, This Holiday. Click and buy if you are so inclined.  His "Silent Night" outro alone is worth a purchase.

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