Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Want, need, wear, and read

This year, my family has decided to minimize Christmas gifts a little. It makes sense, really. My brother and I are both in our 30s and simply don't need a lot of stuff. I don't even want a lot because I don't have room for it in my small apartment.  My parents are also of the mindset that they don't need or want anything additional. One day last month, over lunch, I told them about how some of my parent friends approach gifts to avoid over-doing it:

We decided this could be a good philosophy for us as well.

So ... it was time to make those Christmas wish lists.  Let me tell you, it was not easy coming up with the items for my list.  Distinguishing between wants and needs was probably the hardest part.  But here's what I put on my list:


- "Pitch Perfect 2" on DVD
- "Smash" TV series on dVD
- Three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works
- A watch (I'm not too picky, but I fell in love with Keep Collective during a recent party)
- A funny but work-appropriate daily desk calendar


- Ankle socks
- Workout capri pants
- A new set of satin pillowcases (key for curly girls)
- A better set of knives (my current ones are about 12 years old and came from a dorm set at Target)
- Nice towels (so I can start phasing out the old ones)



- Infinity scarves (I for sure want one that's red/gold or Iowa State Cyclones themed)
- Shirts related to books and or reading
- Anything Iowa State, Texas Rangers, KC Chiefs, or Iowa Wild.
- Anything related to cats and/or beer
- Scents I like -- Absolutely Me by Escada, A Thousand Wishes (Bath & Body Works) and Be Joyful (Bath & Body Works)


- "Running Like a Girl" by Alexandra Heminsley
- "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson
- "You Don't Have To LIke Me" by Alida Nugent
- "Start Where You Are" by Meera Lee Patel
- "Why Not Me?" by Mindy Kaling
- "Happier at Home" by Gretchen Rubin

What's on your wishlist this year?


  1. I love the want/wear/need/read philosophy of giving.

  2. What a great philosophy!! We do a "names in a hat" situation now, while my husband and I set a budget for each other that we stick to (for the most part). I love this though - simple but fun!

  3. What a great idea! It's true, as we get older, we can buy a lot of things for ourselves instead of from parents or "Santa"! Love your choices as well!

  4. I love this idea too! As I was wrapping my kids' Christmas gifts a few nights ago, I realized we got them way more books than toys. Oops! They wouldn't have it any other way though. We're such a book nerd family. I just heard about Keep a few weeks ago and ordered a watch. It came today and I love it!

  5. I have some friends who have done this for years and it works out really well. I suggested it to Chris and he liked the idea and then I think he forgot about it...

    Oh, and seriously, Let's Pretend this Never Happened is the funniest book I have ever read in my life, without any exaggeration.


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