Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reading Recap - December ... and 2015

At the beginning of the 2015, I set a goal of reading 70 books.  Within that total, I wanted to expand my reading horizons a little by including one memoir/biography, one classic, and one blog reader recommendation each month.  I'm providing a round-up of these reads at the close of each month.

This month's selections ...

by Mindy Kaling

I'm still not sure how I feel about youngish people writing memoirs. But Mindy Kaling has two out. And they are both good. I think I prefer her first one, but this one was full of laughs and good lessons as well. She has a lot of fun stories to tell, and I would definitely enjoy hanging out with her.


I haven't read this since I was a pre-teen, so I decided it was time to break it out again. And the Christmas season felt like the appropriate one. It's interesting all the things I picked up now that I didn't back then. It was still an emotional read ... maybe even more so than it was when I was younger.

Blog Reader Rec
I actually didn't get to one of these this month. 
I got sidetracked and forgot. 

Bonus Reads

Melanie Shawn is one of my auto-buys and auto-reads. And it was fun reading two sports romances since that's the genre I'm writing/editing at the moment.


My reading progress:


These were my top five favorite reads from this past year:


And now it's 2016.

Looking ahead to this new year, I've set my book goal at 75. I don't think that will be a problem since I nailed that number in 2015 even with everything else going on.

I'm not going to put as many restrictions on my categories and genres. Doing three required categories each month was very hard. And after a while, it felt like a chore instead of reading for pleasure.  This year, I've decided that each month, I'll read a book that was made into a movie. And then, of course, I'll watch the movie and compare them.

Beyond that, I'm just going to read whatever I want.


What did you read and love last year?
What are your reading goals for the year ahead?


  1. Reading Little Women is one of my goals this year! I've never read it, so I'm looking forward to it. And I agree with you-- it's kind of odd for a person under 40 to write a story of their life. It's not even half over! Great job on your reading challenge!

  2. I was thinking of setting myself a goal for a specific type of book each month, but I agree that it sounds very hard to do! Plus, I'm not always sure I'll get more than one book in some months! Sounds like you had a great year of reading!

  3. I'm reading Why Not Me? right now. I'm having trouble differentiating it from her first book, but I read that one 4 years ago, so I may not remember much.

  4. I really should break out of my go to genre of Murder/Mystery and real life crime. I would have to say the book I enjoyed the most and which was actually outside my comfort zone was The Martian. I haven't seen the movie yet but it is on my to-do list.
    The book that made me most confused was Go set the watchman. It wasn't bad but it wasn't TKAMB.
    Seriously the book that made me laugh the most this year however, was a little baseball romance novel that I read which hasn't been published yet. You may know this book.


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