Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stuff & Things 2/11

:: There are two downsides to working out a lot -- more laundry and a bigger appetite.
I can barely keep up with keeping my fitness clothes clean. And I feel like I cannot eat enough.  If anyone has suggestions for either of these things, I would appreciate them.

:: I'm currently reading the sixth Harry Potter book, and it's easier to read than the last one.
As I mentioned Tuesday, I had a tough time getting through Order of the Phoenix. It was so dark, angsty, and full of a lot of talk and not much action. So far The Half-Blood Prince is more engaging.

:: If you're watching "The Bachelor," you need to be listening to the HuffPost podcast, "Here to Make Friends."
Sincerely. I love the hosts, and they have some great discussions. I also love the random special guests (like the girl who called in because she met Ben in a bar a few years ago and he said he was minoring in sex education) and the feminism rating at the end. So fantastic.

::  I want to do a post soon on misheard/misunderstood lyrics.
I have a few examples of my own and from friends. But I'd love to hear more stories. Do you have one?

:: Stephen Kellogg's new album South West North East comes out TOMORROW. 
I already own it because I backed the project, and I absolutely love it. Stephen is an amazingly talented songwriter. If you enjoy honest, thought-provoking lyrics wound in beautiful melodies, then you should check him out.  He's also on tour right now, and live is the best way to experience him for the first time.

And here are a few funny things I found recently:

What's on your mind this week?


  1. I'm always surprised by the increased appetite when I start working out again. I shouldn't be, but I am!

  2. Interesting! I felt the opposite about Harry Potters 5 and 6!


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