Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stuff & Things 2/25

:: I am addicted to the Green Mountain Golden French Toast coffee. I have ordered a ridiculous amount of these K-Cups because they're my absolute favorite and I can't make myself ration them.

:: After kind of a lazy Sunday, I had a hard time falling asleep that night. I ended up only getting a few hours of shuteye that night, and I'm still paying for it days later. I rarely have trouble sleeping at night, and the only thing I can think is that I just didn't do enough during the day to be tired. I might need to start doing a tough workout on Sundays when I don't work to kind of wear myself out a bit.

:: I have to take a test tomorrow that will help me get a certification at work. I'm terrible at taking tests. Can I just write an essay or paper instead?  Seriously.

:: Last week, I mentioned my friend Katie and her recent breast cancer diagnosis. She's had a tumultuous week since then.  First, she was informed the two spots they found were stage 2 and 3. Scary. Just yesterday, she learned the cancer has not yet spread to her lymph nodes, which is much better than they were expecting. She still has a long road of treatment ahead -- 18 weeks of chemo once every three weeks, then a three-week break, a double mastectomy, three or four weeks to heal and then another year of chemo then onto an oral med for 5+ yrs. She will also eventually need a hysterectomy as the oral med has been known to cause uterine cancer. It's a lot, but Katie is feeling very good about her prognosis.  Have I mentioned she's only 35?  And she has three darling children.  A mutual friend set up a GoFundMe page. If you have it in you to donate, please do.
Katie with husband, Joe, and children Lane, Rylin, and Adrienne.

:: I try not to get political in this space (or on my social platforms in general), but a story ran here the other night that really hit a chord with me.  Please check it out at this link.  This community has a special place in my heart, and I'm friends with the basketball coach. It hurts my heart that these teenage boys were taunted with chants of "Trump" and "USA." And no one can tell me the comments weren't racially-motivated considering Trump's comments about Latino immigrants and the fact that Perry is home to many Latinos. I'm pretty angry about the whole deal, honestly.

And ... I'm done for today.


  1. That last story makes me RAGE. WHAT is wrong with people?

    I used to see those K-cups at Marshalls a lot for $8 a box.

  2. Oh girl I'm with you on the writing a paper or an essay thing. Good luck on your test!!

  3. Praying for your friend...she has a beautiful family.

    I just bought a 54-pack of DD k-cups on Amazon. They're a *little* cheaper at Costco, but a trip to Costco will end up costing me infinitely more than the $8 price difference.


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