Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 62

Are you ready for the big game on Sunday?  You know our resident sports fan Sarah is. And she has a few words for advertisers who are trying to reach the female segment of the audience.

Maybe awards season is a bigger deal to you. It's definitely on Karen's mind. Go check out a new podcast on which she's a contributor. Pretty cool stuff!

As a runner, I understand the need to constantly improve and the sense of accomplishment. Amy shares how her approach to running has changed since becoming a mama to precious Chloe.

LUSH bath bombs are one of my favorite splurges. Joey offers instructions for making bath goodies at home. I might have to try it.

Have you thought about starting a book club? Christy has some advice for making sure your book club is successful.

Kelly wrote about embracing moments of solitude. I definitely need to do more of this, even if it's only short snippets of time. Every little bit helps.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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