Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blank over blank

I've seen a few other bloggers do this recently (shout out to Karen and Sarah), and I thought it looked interesting. It was very tough deciding between some of these things.

Food & Beverage
Craft beer over wine over mixed drink
Steak over chicken
Vanilla over chocolate
Green tea over black tea
Breakfast food over anything

Baseball over football
Concert over movie
Game night in with friends over night out in the clubs
Netflix over Hulu (although I won't get rid of either)
Fiction over non-fiction

Fictional male characters

Pacey Witter over Jack McPhee over Dawson Leery ("Dawson's Creek")
Mike Hannigan ("Friends") over Josh ("Clueless") over Ant-Man (my favorite Paul Rudd characters)
Dr. Jackson Avery over Dr. Alex Karev over McSteamy over McDreamy ("Grey's Anatomy")
Coach Eric Taylor over Deacon Claybourne (Connie Britton's TV husbands)
Matt Saracen over Tim Riggins (might as well stick with the "Friday Night Lights" love)

Nick Jonas over Joe Jonas over Kevin Jonas (If we're going only on looks, swap the first two. I just love Joe's eyes.)
Anna Kendrick over Mindy Kaling (Two funny women, and I want to be BFFs with both of them.) 
Zach Gilford over Zac Efron
Taylor Swift over Katy Perry
Liam Hemsworth over Chris Hemsworth 

 No pants over no bra
Cats over dogs
Cardio over strength training 
Daisies over roses
Younger guys over older guys

This was too much fun.


  1. I love that you did this too! And I love your categories.

    For me, though, it's Chris over Liam. Can't wait to see the new Ghostbusters for him alone...

  2. I agree with approximately half of these lol.

    I feel like I have to say Tim Riggins over Matt. That would take some deep thought...

  3. I am pretty sure I agreed with the baseball one but I am not sure any of the rest. Some of them I don't have a clue about. LOL


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