Thursday, June 16, 2016

Four of my favorite podcasts

As much as I love music, occasionally I need a break from the tunes on my iPod. But I still want to shutout the other office noise so I can focus on my work. Surprisingly, podcasts have been a great addition to my workday listening. I'm able to focus on work while still being entertained.

Here are four of my current favorites:

Here To Make Friends
If you watch "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," or any of the related shows, you need to be listening to this. The hosts, Claire and Emma, break down each episode and often have guests on to add their two cents. Some of their guests are even Bachelor/Bachelorette alums, which I think helps give a different perspective sometimes.   

The Armchair Librarians
I've yet to successfully participate in a book club, but if Stephanie and Jana started one, I'd join. I love their commentary on whatever they're reading. I've gotten some solid reading recommendations (and several I still need to get to) and learned more about the reading habits of others. I enjoy that knowledge as a reader and an author. The sound quality isn't always perfect, but it doesn't deter me a bit.

True Crime Garage 
I loved the first season of Serial, but the second one lost me really fast. I began searching for other shows about real crimes. I stumbled across this one and have completely devoured it in the last few weeks. I like the banter between the hosts as they debate, speculate, and share their theories on various crimes. They also have a featured beer each week, which really speaks to me.

KXnO Sports Fanatics
Maybe I'm getting old, but regular radio doesn't appeal to me.  In the mornings, I listen to Elvis Duran (for the chatter, not necessarily the music). In the afternoons, I turn the dial to the AM band for this local sports talk radio show. I began listening because I've followed Chris (one of the hosts) for his Cyclone Fanatic insights for a while. I continued listening because I like the balance between him and Ross. They mostly discuss local sports but occasionally dip their toes into national sports topics. They also sometimes discuss non-sports things such as movies, ghosts, and beer. I can't always listen to the full three hours after work, so I catch up on the podcast the following day. (Full disclosure: I've developed a personal connection to the show in the last few months as well, but I would be listening regardless.)

Do you have any podcast recommendations?


  1. I'm going to check out the Bachelorette one!

  2. These all sound interesting. I've been meaning to check out True Crime Garage because of another podcast I listen to, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.


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