Thursday, July 21, 2016

Currently -- July edition

Sipping on ... Shakeology. Specifically, chocolate with a little PB in it. I'm trying to clean up my eating habits. This makes for a pretty tasty and convenient breakfast.

Watching ... "Army Wives." Yeah, I am still working my way through this series again on Netflix. Whenever I have a chance to watch TV, that is.

Reading ... Rally Caps, Rain Delays, and Racing Sausages by Eric Kabakoff. It recounts his visit to 30 of MLB's ballparks. I'm almost through it, and I love it.

Listening to ... the latest NEEDTOBREATHE album. It's so good. "Happiness" is my jam, but "Let's Stay Home Tonight" is also pretty solid.

Working on ... the third book in my baseball romance series. Slowly. But progress is progress, right?

Thankful for ... all the birthday wishes I received yesterday. It's humbling every year as I'm reminded of all the awesome people I have in my life.

Looking forward to ... celebrating my birthday (again) tonight. Sean took me out for dinner last night. This evening, I'm having dinner with my family before meeting up with friends for wine, beer, and live music.

What's up with you lately?


  1. I'm so glad you had a great birthday!!

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