Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 79

My birthday was Wednesday, and I'm one of those people who stretches her birthday into a full week.  Sometimes longer. This year, I kept it within the week.

- Lunch with one of my besties on Wednesday.
- Beers with a new friend at my favorite brewery on Wednesday.
- Dinner with the boyfriend on Wednesday
- Dinner with a dozen of my favorite people on Thursday.
- Lunch with the family on Saturday.

It was a really great few days of celebration. I love my birthday. It's fun to be the focus of so much love and attention. Plus, it always reminds me how many awesome people I have in my life.  I am blessed.

There were also some great blog posts this week, so grab yourself a beverage and enjoy.

I have been anxiously awaiting Karen's thoughts on the new "Ghostbusters" movie. There's a ton of controversy out there about the film (and has been since it was announced), but Karen tells us why the movie is great and just what we need.

My friend, Rachel, is one of the sweetest people I know. Please go check out her post from Wednesday. After you get through all the awesome things she's been up to, you'll get to the best part, which contains her thoughts on all the negativity and bullying going on online these days.

If you have not read Jennifer Aniston's recent write-up for the Huffington Post, then go there first.  THEN, go check out Steph's response to it. It's fantastic. A is for Aniston and agreement ... and also AMAZING. 

I quit StitchFix a while back. I just wasn't liking enough of the clothes, and I decided it was time to end the subscription. However, my wardrobe is suffering, and I'm thinking of going back. Lauren has some great tips on ensuring your StitchFixes are more successful.



  1. Thank you for sharing my blog post!! Have a great Sunday :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a very happy birthday!

    I'm also glad you enjoyed my post and thank you very much for sharing it.

    But mostly, I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  3. These are great posts - thank you for sharing them!


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