Friday, September 30, 2016

September's Virtual 5K recap

Well, I didn't plan very well for my races this month. But I didn't completely fail.  I realized about mid-September that I was not going to get into an organized race. Even though I've had a few months of doing two running events, I still hated the thought of not doing one this month. So ... I decided to do a virtual 5K.

Tuesday afternoon, I set out on a stretch of my neighborhood trail that I haven't visited in a few years and I logged 3.1 miles. I started out feeling kind of sluggish, but I felt better as I jogged along. The sports radio broadcast in my ears was kind of a nice switch from music. It gave me something else to think about, yet I didn't really have a sense of time like I would with a playlist. I also didn't wear my Garmin watch and instead just listened to cues from my Nike Run Club app.

Even though it wasn't a true race, I gave it my best race-like effort and was pleased with myself when my personal 5K was done.

Have you ever had to modify a fitness goal?

Last week's workouts
Friday: Walked 2 miles at lunch.
Saturday: Walked 6 miles to and from the game, so it counts.
Sunday: Off 
Monday: Off 
Tuesday: Virtual 5K 
Wednesday: Off 
Thursday: BodyPump (60 minutes)

Not the greatest week of workouts, and I definitely fell out of the routine I mentioned last week.  But I'm not terribly worried.

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