Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Great Pumpkin Swap Reveal

When I've joined swaps in the past, I've always checked "no" on the option about my willingness to ship internationally. I'm probably not the only one. It can get expensive.

This year I went the other route and was paired with Erin at Texerin in Sydneyland. She's commented on my blog often, and she always has a kind word.  I had a blast shopping for her, and while it was expensive to ship, I'm still really happy I was paired with her. I mean, look at all the goodies she sent me:

- A kangaroo mug
- A beautiful postcard with a handwritten message
- A koala holding a flag
- A cat pen
- Three kinds of candy, including Teasers (which had kind of a crispy rice in chocolate), mint chocolate BB's and caramel koalas.

You better believe I've opened all the candy. I think the mint chocolate BB's are my favorite so far, but they're all delicious.

Thanks so much Erin!!


  1. Yay! Great treats!! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed swapping internationally! Thanks for joining us again this year!

  2. Oh I love all the Australian stuff! I'm a sucker for anything mint choc so I'd have been all over those BB's.

  3. I think we had a very successful swap! Thanks again for being a great partner.

  4. I love it! What a fun swap box from Australia! I think that makes the extra cost worth it :)

  5. Finding international friends is one of my favorite parts of blogging!
    Thanks for joining in on the swap, Micah!

  6. Those mint chocolate treats look good! I imagine they taste like an Andes which I love. I love the Australian themed box.


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