Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Unique and perfect finds at Uncommon Goods

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When I bought my first house a few years ago, I loved adding all the touches to make it mine. Coats of paint and wall hangings helped turn an otherwise bland ranch-style house into my home.

A welcome mat was also a key feature. It had to be just right. I searched local stores but wasn't impressed with the offerings. So I began to look online. That's when I found this:


I found it at Uncommon Goods. It was absolutely perfect for me. I still have the mat. Five years later. Mine doesn't look as the one pictured above. It's definitely showing some wear, but I'm holding out on a new one until I buy my next house.

Uncommon Goods has lots of other goodies as well -- games, gifts, jewelry, art, and other home furnishings. Many of the products are "green" or sustainable as the company strives to have a positive impact on the environment and the world as a whole. They partner with artists and small manufacturers to offer unique items, which make for memorable gifts and purchases. 

Here are some of the other items that have been added to my wishlist:

They also have them for basketball, hockey, football, and soccer!

I would wear this almost all the time.

When I have a bigger place, I'll be all about hosting game night with friends. This would be a blast.

I also spied some items I could give to others:

This would be an adorable wedding gift.

I have a few friends who are pregnant. Muahahaha. 

I have a few friends who love owls, and this is very classy and pretty.

There's so much to look at on the site, but Uncommon Goods can help you find the perfect gift for your friend, relative, or colleague. The web site is really well organized and categorized making it easy to find gifts for celebrating love, honoring your bros or girlfriends, or just unique finds.

** Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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