Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stuff & Things 1/19

:: I am 17 days into the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. I've been really good this whole time. I've only had a few splurges. But I can't stop thinking about donuts. Seriously, donuts. Last Saturday, I met a friend for coffee at a place that also specializes in mini donuts. I didn't eat any, but I swear I could smell them the rest of the day.

:: I finally got my engagement ring back (from resizing) on Monday evening. It still feels a little loose, but I'm reminding myself that it's winter so hands are cold. I'm also not inclined to give it up for two more weeks, so I'll wait a while before worrying about another resize. I'm also getting used to having a ring on all the time. I'm planning on taking it off for workouts, showering, and my brewery shifts. How often do you take your ring off?

:: I feel way ahead of the game on this wedding planning thing. Sean and I pretty much have all of our decisions made -- date, theme, location, entertainment, favors, etc. Now it's just a matter of actually booking the venue (which we're doing in a little over a week) and the other things. And waiting. By the way, we are having a baseball-themed wedding. Is anyone surprised?

:: Since my blog post about making more time for writing, I've been a lot better about making a conscious effort to write. I've made some solid progress on my book, and I'm looking forward to continuing that trend.

What's up with you this week?


  1. I love your ring! It's so beautiful! And I'm just SHOCKED that the wedding will be baseball themed. Lol. :)

  2. Your ring is gorgeous and I LOVE that you're doing a baseball theme. Are you getting married at the stadium? Please tell me you are!

  3. I never crave donuts but one time, last year, I had to have one. It was kind of ridiculous that I went so far out of my way.
    My friend did a baseball's fun and memorable!
    I never wear my rings at home. I put them on before I leave the house and I usually take them off when I wash my hands.

  4. That's great you are doing well with your writing. I really need to get into some type of groove again. hah

    I love your ring! I'm not really a jewelry person, so I don't know what I'd do with an engagement ring. It would probably drive me a bit nuts.


  5. I take my rings off to work out because my hands tend to swell a little or something and it's uncomfortable. I don't wear them at night or in the shower (anymore) either. I usually just wear them throughout the day and remove them if necessary. If I'm just bumming around at home on the weekend, they stay safely in my jewelry box. I just don't like leaving the house with out them or I feel naked! haha

  6. I love your ring. I always wear my ring. At first I used to take it off when showering, but now I wear it all the time, I had to buy a faux ring while I was pregnant and it was so weird. I was so excited to see my engagement ring and wedding ring on my finger again!

  7. Your ring is beautiful. Congratulations to you both!!!
    A baseball wedding sounds FANTASTIC!


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