Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding "me" time in a relationship

I've always been a big fan of "me" time. It was my favorite thing about being single. Truly. I loved having quiet nights at home where I wore comfy pants and had popcorn and wine for dinner. Maybe I'd read. Maybe I'd write. Maybe I'd watch mindless trash TV for hours. I didn't have to consider anyone else when I decided how to spend my time.

That's all changed now. I'm in a serious relationship, which means lots of together time. Especially since Sean has moved in with me. And we're currently occupying a 600-square foot, one-bedroom apartment. Yeah. Not a lot of space for either of us (or my two cats).

We won't be this cramped forever. Someday soon, we'll have more space. Until then ... and even after then ... I still think it's important that I work on scheduling "me" time. It'll help me settle my mind and keep my sanity.

A few weeks ago, Sean had to work an evening. I had the whole place to myself. It was rare. And nice. I chose not even to turn the TV on. I just wanted the quiet. I also did a foot soak and scrub and a face mask. It was really relaxing.

The trouble is finding time to do this on a regular basis -- just be with me.

I don't necessarily want to give up time with Sean. That's already at a premium due to our busy schedules that don't always line up. I also work two jobs, am working on a novel, work out, and want to have time with friends.

Ahhhh.  Is there even any time for just me?

How do you find "me" time without sacrificing relationships or other important things?

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  1. Me time is so important. When I don't have it, I go a little crazy.


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