Friday, April 28, 2017

Four things I get from blogging

Everyone blogs for a different reason. I see it all through my feed -- the various motivations and themes for each blogger. I judge no one for their reasons for blogging, but I thought I'd share a bit of what I get out out of writing in this space and reading blogs each week.


:: It's a writing outlet.
As you might know, I call myself a writer. I have authored and self-published a few novels. I used to work in newspapers and communication too, but those days are behind me. But I still feel called to write. This blog gives me a place to do that.

:: I learn things.
I follow some finance, food, and health bloggers who are great at sharing their expertise. I've picked up a lot of tips and tricks from them here and there. I learn just as much from the other lifestyle bloggers I read who may not even know they're imparting wisdom when they post.

:: I find suggestions.
From books to beauty products to podcasts and beyond, blogs help me discover new things I didn't know I needed in my life.

:: It's a community.
I have become Facebook friends with some of the people I've met through blogging. I no longer just read their words on the page (though I also do that). I also see glimpses of their daily life (different from what they present on their blog). There are so many I'd love to meet for a cup of coffee or dinner or a long weekend getaway. Maybe someday in the future.

What do you get from blogging?


  1. The suggestions! I get so many.
    And the friendships. I was in crisis mode this week and the first people I turned to were blog friends.

  2. Suggestions are one of the greatest things about blogging/reading other blogs! I also enjoy the friendships I've made through blogging. :)

  3. I love the community. Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people I would never have the chance to meet because we run in totally different circles.


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