Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wedding Wednsday: Getting started

My wedding is just over a year away, but I'm quickly learning there is a lot to be done in wedding planning. Sean and I discussed some of our ideas for the wedding even before he put a ring on it, but those discussions have evolved as the real planning has begun.  There are just so many decisions to make!!!

I have spreadsheets and lists all over my computer. I feel like I'm organized and on top of things, but it could be an illusion. 

There are a lot of wedding sites out there that give you reminders and tips for planning the big day. A lot of them are super detailed and include things I don't need to worry about (engagement party, engagement announcements, venue tours, etc.). So I'm going to make my own little checklist below and let you know where were are on each detail.

Venue - BOOKED. We looked at a few places online but only toured one. We knew we wanted it even before we set foot on the grounds. It fit all our needs for our vision and was very affordable. Win.

Entertainment - BOOKED. One of my favorite musicians (who has appeared on this blog a lot) will be providing a four-piece band for our party. I can't wait!!

Photographer - BOOKED. A friend of mine (who also took my boudoir photos) will be capturing our big day. I'm looking forward to working with her on this.

Caterer - BOOKED. We're on their calendar at least. They don't need our deposit for a few more months. Which is OK with us.

Beverages - I'll be getting a few kegs from the brewery where I work and some friends of ours have offered to make a home brew especially for us. We'll also have wine, shitty domestic beer, soda, and water.

Cake - Still searching. We think we know which bakery we want to use, but we still need to go taste some of their flavors and talk about details.

Wedding Party - Mostly set. There are a few key players in limbo.

Guest List - This is going to be the biggest headache for me. I'll write more about this in a future post.

Theme/Colors - DONE. It will have a baseball theme, and our colors are gray and red.

Dresses - I'll be going shopping for my dress in a few months. After that, I think I'll have a clearer idea for what I want my girls to wear.

Suits - Decided but not purchased. We've found a solid choice for what the guys will wear, but since we have plenty of time, there's no rush to buy just yet.

Flowers/decor - I wanted to work with a local florist, but her minimum order was more than twice what I wanted to spend. Instead, the father of one of my besties will be helping us out. With the baseball theme, I have tons of ideas (and pins on Pinterest), but I just need to settle on what I like the most.

Am I missing anything important?

By the way, this will be a monthly feature on the blog and not a weekly one. I refuse to let this space turn into all wedding all the time. 


  1. Video? Edit: I just googled "crowd-sourced wedding video" (same concept as a disposable camera on each table, only with video) and found a couple different ideas. I've never heard of anyone doing this but have thought it would be a cool idea. Check out this website for an example. You'd just have to get buy-in and participation from your guests.
    Happy planning!

  2. Registries?
    Also, finding gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen took a bit of planning that I didn't think about right away.
    And shoes were the hard part after I got a dress!
    You're on top of things!

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