Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Sweats: Gearing up for a great run

It's hard for me to believe there was a time I didn't enjoy running. But really, I've only been running regularly for just over six years. I've done several 5Ks, a few 10Ks, an a half-marathon. I've scaled back on the organized races, but as I've mentioned on here, I continue to include running in my fitness routine. I try to run three times a week between or alongside my other workouts.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my running. I listen to podcasts and read blogs on the subject. I try different tactics to see what works for me. Aaptiv provided me with the graphic below and there are some great tips for new or even semi-experienced runners.

Fuel is so important. You can't run if the tank is empty. On race days, I typically eat the same thing -- peanut butter toast and a banana. I'm starting to wonder if I should incorporate a similar pre-run snack for my other runs.

I'm pretty good on gear. I got fitted at a local running store for shoes. They really helped me figure out what I needed for my feet and joints. And they didn't try to pressure me to go outside my budget either.

Thankfully some of my other weekly workouts give me the core boost I need.

I also really love the quote at the end of the "before" section. I can be really hard on myself if I don't go as far as I previously planned. But maybe I need to start setting my expectations during that first mile.

I had no idea lung function is better in the evening than any other time of day. Truly fascinating fact right there.

I could be better about post-run foam rolling and refueling. I'm still learning how to use my foam roller.

The graphic was provided by Aaptiv, but all words and opinions are my own.


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off
Monday - Cardio with Colby (30 mins)
Tuesday -Total Body Strength (30 mins)
Wednesday - Run (35 mins)
Thursday -Barre with Britt (30 mins) + RIPPED (60 mins)
Friday - Flex Friday (30 mins)
Saturday - Off

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  1. LOVE that graphic! I also used to hate running...despised it! Even cheated the first 5k I ever ran that my soccer coach made me sign up for!


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