Thursday, October 12, 2017

This & That 10/12

:: The brewery where I work won its second Great American Beer Festival gold medal in as many years. This is a big deal, folks. There are six rounds of judging, and this year there were more than 7,900 entries from roughly 2,200 breweries from across the nation. It's arguably the biggest beer competition in the world. And now, the little brewery I love and work for has TWO gold medals. Last year, they won for Mexican Spring (an agave lime wheat), and this year's star was #QuadGoals (a Belgian quad). It was fun celebrating with the other brewery folks after the award was announced last Saturday.
Photo courtesy of 515 Brewing's facebook page

:: Over the weekend, I also got to check out Los Banditos. It's a local hot dog speakeasy that takes over a ramen house in the later hours. It opens at 10 a.m. and serves interesting hot dog dishes and fries until 3 a.m. I got the one with cream cheese, a pickle spear, and dill pickle chips. Because pickles. It was so delicious and I look forward to going back again.

:: This is how I feel about the world lately. Really.

:: On a happier note, a woman in my department recently retired. We had a luncheon for her last week and she brought us each a little gift. Backwards, right? It was about her, not us. But that's how she is. Her gift and note to me was very touching and I will definitely treasure it.

What's new or good with you this week?
You can even tell me if something is annoying you.

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