Saturday, December 2, 2017

Best of the Bunch: October & Novamber

My friend, Rachel, was one of many who jumped into the #metoo movement. She not only shares her experience but extends her support to those who have gone through it. It's been sobering to listen to the stories of my friends and re-live some of my own. I hope now that we're talking about it, it begins to go away.

Finding time to work out can be a big challenge. I enjoyed reading about how Christy found time for her training runs.

People always talk about the joys of motherhood. Very few ever talk about the tough stuff. I applaud Samm's honesty and candor as she talks about her new journey taking care of a small human.

We're in the midst of a crazy season. There are so many obligations and expectations. Steph had some tips for keeping things simple and also for practicing self-care during the holidays.

I'm such a "yes" person. I'm not good at saying "no." Even if I have a valid excuse. Even worse when I don't (other than just "I don't want to).  Ugh. I might need to start practicing it more, and Kelly has some great advice on when it's OK to be a "no" person.

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