Thursday, February 22, 2018

This & That 2/22

:: I am on day eleven of thirteen consecutive working days. In addition to that, I've had non-work evening obligations five of those evenings. And went to two social things last Saturday. To say I'm burned out is an understatement. I keep saying I need to slow down, but I haven't actually been able to do that. Any advice?

:: People keep asking me how the wedding planning going and my answer can best be summed up in the gif below.

:: On Monday night we had an ice storm. It wasn't fun getting to work on Tuesday morning, but it was manageable. Sounds like there's more winter heading our way today. Dear Mother Nature, you can stop showing off anytime now.

:: On a happier note, one of my coworkers became a grandpa for the first time this week. The new baby's name is Emmett. I love that classic, "old-sounding" names are still being used. I'm all for unique names (no one wants to be one of four in a class), but some people just go too far.

Wow, this whole post is kind of a downer/complaint session. Sorry. But it definitely reflects how I'm feeling lately.

What's on your mind this week?


  1. The names I see being in an elementary school...some just make you shake your head.
    Wedding planning CAN be fun but it's always a bit never-ending because there's always more you can do.

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