Thursday, February 8, 2018

This & That 2/8

:: I've never been into wrestling, but Sean is. So on Monday night, I went to my first ever WWE Raw event with him. It was quite entertaining, and we had fantastic seats. Even though it's obviously scripted, there's still a pretty solid display of athleticism, which I could appreciate.

:: Sean and I were going to wait until after the wedding to take on the re-decoration of our basement. But ... over the weekend, we changed our minds. I think we've found someone to tackle the wall and a half of drywall (my brother). We already have most of the furniture. It's just been sitting down there since we moved. We just need a few more pieces (namely a television) and it'll be ready to enjoy. I'm pretty excited about it.

:: I love my brewery job. I really do. But at least once a month, I'm reminded of how terrible people are. And I'm further convinced EVERYONE should have to spend a certain period of time working in the service industry so they can see what jerks they are and maybe, JUST MAYBE rectify their behavior.

:: Baseball returns next week!!! Pitchers and catchers will be heading to spring training to begin tuning up for the new season. I'm so ready.

What's up with you this week?

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