Thursday, May 24, 2018

This & That 5/24

:: This week has been super stressful. I had some work issues (I won't go into) and then my venue coordinator started harassing me for money that isn't due until May 31. She and I also had a repeat conversation about terms of our rental that were NOT outlined in the contract or verbally when we met with her. We had the original dispute back in February and then again this past Monday. I think it's all sorted out (again), but it still made for a miserable start to the week.

:: Does anyone know how to use powder bronzer? I am doing my own makeup for my wedding and I thought I had my look done. Then two people asked me if I had bronzer and suggested I add that. I bought some and I've watched a few YouTube tutorials. I'm still not sure I'm doing it right. Anyone have a tutorial they love?

:: Last weekend, we had a deep clean day at the brewery. After we're done cleaning, we're always treated to pizza and a movie. Usually, it's a movie that one of my fellow beertenders has never seen that others think she should (they have a list for her). This time, we watched "Big Trouble in Little China." I had to leave before the movie started, so I've still never seen the movie. Am I missing out?

:: With an extended weekend coming up, Sean and I are thinking about a movie night at some point. We don't see many movies in the theater, so our rental options are wide open. We're considering "Black Panther" and "Game Night." Is there something else we should check out either from RedBox or on Netflix?

What's on your mind this week?


  1. Black Panther is totally worth your time. The characters are spectacular, particularly the women.

  2. Game Night was pretty good.
    It's always interesting to see how vendors/agents/salespeople/etc get toward the end of their time with you, not just when they're trying to reel you in.


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