Thursday, January 3, 2019

This & That 1/3

:: I've never been great at using a planner, but I am juggling a lot and wanted somewhere to keep track of my workouts in addition to appointments. I did some research and shopping, but decided ultimately to start with a cheap-ish one from Target. If I successfully use it all year, maybe I'll upgrade next year.

:: Sean and I have been waiting with great anticipation to find out when the third season of "Stranger Things" would be released. On New Year's Eve, we got the news. July 4. Looks like we know what we'll be doing that day.

:: I'm working on tackling some personal debt so I can broaden some of my life goals. Thank goodness I have a friend who is a certified financial planner. She came over on Tuesday to sit down with me and make a plan. I feel much more optimistic about getting things paid off than I once did.

:: I started my first book of the year (pictured below). I'm aiming to read 36 this year. I think that's an achievable goal with everything else I have going on.

What's on your mind this week?

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