Thursday, January 31, 2019

This & That 1/31

:: In case you didn't hear, we are in the midst of a polar vortex. Actually, we're on the tail-end of it today. When I left the house on Wednesday, it was -20 degrees. With the windchill, it was -47. Ridiculous. Today, our high is 8. Heat wave. And this weekend, we're looking at the 50s. Break out the shorts.

:: Last night, Sean and I made chicken and cauliflower rice soup. It had carrots and celery in it as well. It was good, but it was lacking ... something. Maybe some seasoning? Not sure. We'll keep experimenting.
Link to recipe we used.

:: Dave Matthews Band is my husband's favorite musical act. It looks like I'm going to a show with him in a few months, so I decided to listen to that artist station on Spotify earlier this week.  I don't love the music as much as my husband does, but I think I'll enjoy the show. What's something you got into because of your significant other?

:: Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of when I brought Cleo home. I went to that shelter looking for a black and white cat (probably part of why I got Casey six months later), but Cleo reached through her cage and grabbed my arm as I was walking by. She chose me. And I remind her of that every time she gives me that look that indicates she’s displeased with me. I love her so much and hope I have a few more years with her.

What's on your mind this week? 

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