Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music Monday - Tim Stop Trio

Each Monday, I will bring you a song or an artist I deem worthy of this space.  Get ready for awesomeness.

It's appropriate I start this meme with Tim Stop Trio.  They will be performing at my birthday party this Saturday.  Moreover, they ARE my birthday present from my brother, as he has booked them at his bar ...just for me.  He really is the best brother ever.  He gives me musicians as gifts for special occasions (more on that in future posts). 

I discovered Tim Stop Trio nearly a year ago.  In fact, Friday will be the first anniversary of my first "date" with them.  I'd had a bad week, but my brother said I should come over to his bar and check out this band because he thought I'd really like them.  Although I really wanted to stay home and sulk over some news I'd gotten that week, I decided to head out anyway.  John Mayer's "I'm Gonna Find Another You" had been my theme song that week, and I listened to it on repeat all the way to my brother's bar that night.  Color me surprised and enamored when Tim Stop Trio broke it out in the middle of their set too.  And from there, they went right into a Billy Joel tune.  I don't remember which one, but it really doesn't matter. In a matter of two songs, they went from a pretty good band in my head to a band I needed to see again.  Soon.

Fortunately for me, Tim Stop Trio has really nice following in my area, so they have made four trips to my brother's bar since that fateful one on July 16, 2009.  They even found themselves in the midst of a riot last October.  Totally rock star. :-)  Although their name implies that there are three guys, there are actually four who regularly play -- Tim Stopulos (front man, vocals, guitar, keys), Micheal Tahlier (guitar), Seville Lilly (keys) and Justin Hooks (drums and misc. when he breaks out the cajon).  They're based out of Chicago and travel pretty extensively throughout the Midwest, although this past spring, they ventured as far as Houston, Texas and Denver, Colo.  Their sets are a lot of fun, and a perfect mix of covers and originals (I actually look forward to the day when there are more of the latter).  The 90s hip hop medley is a fixture, and I will never ever hear Warren G's "Regulator" the same again after hearing Tim do it.  He also likes to toss in some Coldplay and Dave Matthews Band covers, and while I don't particularly care for either of those bands, I tolerate them for Tim. 

I am beyond excited to have them be a part of my birthday party this weekend. I apologize in advance to my friends -- you'd better talk to me before they take the stage and during breaks, because I will be no good for conversation while Tim Stop Trio is on stage.  And if they happen to decide to serenade me with "Happy Birthday," I promise I will melt into a puddle of Micah.  Someone better take video.

Now that I've gushed about them for way longer than necessary, let me give you some ear snacks.  Enjoy!

Exhibit A:  A John Mayer cover.  This is appropriate since it was a Mayer song that perked my ears up at my first Tim Stop show.

Exhibit B:  An original.  As good as their covers are, the originals are even better.  This is my favorite song on the album. I have listened to "Long Ride Home" so many times, I now sing along with the instrumental parts. Read: Tim, I want new music soon.  (As if he'll see this.)


  1. They're awesome!!! My new MTV challenge is, ironically, to promote a local band- too bad they're not around here! But Redline Addiction's pretty cool too ;-)

  2. Thanks! I'll check out Redline Addiction too. :)


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