Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thirty. Flirty? Thriving?

Last weekend, in preparation for my 30th birthday (which was Tuesday), I watched "13 Going On 30." Seems appropriate, right?  I'm told I'm not the only person in my circle of friends who has watched this Jennifer Garner-Mark Ruffalo pairing in proximity to the big three-oh.  I had to laugh at the title of the article Jennifer Garner's character read at the beginning of the movie -- "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving: Why the thirties are the best years of your life." 

I've been hearing from my thirtysomething friends that the thirties are, in fact, pretty awesome. They fail to explain why they're the best, but I trust the sources even without evidence. Perhaps it's because I've watched some of these friends achief the "thriving" part of that mantra from above. They've found their perfect job, settled down with their perfect partner or just seem to be completely content with their life. I'm looking forward to seeing what my thirties bring to me. Of course, I know from Jenna Elfman's character in "Can't Hardly Wait," - "There is such a thing as fate, but it only takes you so far. Then it's up to you to make it happen."  So while the thirties may bring me some new feelings of contentment, new people or new opportunities, they mean nothing if I don't actually grab them.

Anyhow...let's get back to those components of being thirty -- flirty and thriving.

I've been a bit boycrazy for as long as I can remember. I had my first "boyfriend" when I was in kindergarten. I have a crush list longer than some football rosters. Despite my heavy interest in the opposite sex, I would not describe myself as "flirty."  I don't really feel like I know how to flirt.  I've tried to improve these skills, but usually felt dumb or foolish in the process.  The truth is, when I'm actually interested in someone, I'm more apt to avoid them or ignore them than pursue them. And if I find out another girl is interested in them, I back off completely because I figure it's a lost cause. In other words, I know it's my own fault I'm still single, although at the moment I have no complaints about that. In fact, I have absolutely no desire to be in a relationship right now or in the near future, and I don't have a single crush (of the realistic type anyhow ... musicians, actors and athletes are still fair fantasy fodder).

I don't know that I'd call myself thriving at the moment either. I'm not broke, but I don't have a lot of extra money to go around either. I'm not sick, but I'm definitely not in the finest health (I'm working on that).  I'm not depressed, but I have days where I feel down as well.  Can I still have all these "nots" and be considered thriving?

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