Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whose life is this?

Occasionally, I get sucked into some of MTV's programming. "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" are my favorites. Judge away. Last night, after "Teen Mom," I left my cable box on MTV, so when I got home today, "True Life" was on. The subjects for this series are interesting to me.

Currently showing - "I Can't Leave My Boyfriend"

Um. Really? Why not? The guys on this show are nothing special. And if you're unhappy, you leave. It's not that hard. You were fine before you met him, and you'll be fine after. These girls are nutso, but I am well aware that there are many of these girls out there. Perhaps that's part of why I'm actually fine being single -- I never want to turn into a girl who latches onto a guy and loses herself and her independence in him. Friends tell me they couldn't see me being that way, but it's hard to say for sure.

Upcoming episodes - "I Hate My Plastic Surgery" (then why did you have it?) and "I'm Moving to Las Vegas" (luck be with you).

*Shake my head*

It got me thinking. What "True Life" show would I fit into? Here are a few topics I came up with...

- "True Life: My Cats Are My Children"

- "True Life: I Want to Throw Large Objects at My Co-Worker"

- "True Life: I Always Want to Live Alone"

- "True Life: When I Graduated College, I Owed More In Loans Than I Made in a Year"

- "True Life: I Would Rather Go to a Baseball Game Than a Nightclub"

- "True Life: My Friends Think I'm Weird"

How about you??

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