Sunday, September 12, 2010

Couch 2 5K: Week 5 ... not conquered, but moving on

Week 5 absolutely kicked my butt.  For far too long. 

My vacation (while awesome) really threw a wrench into my training schedule.  Taking a week off from running wasn't the best idea.  But I sweated through Day 1 and 2 of Week 5 without much trouble.  Then I got to Day 3 -- the dreaded 20-minute run.  I really was fearing it until I decided to try it (for the first time) on Labor Day.  My mind was set on completing it.  My body had other ideas.  Without getting too personal, I'll just say I couldn't run that day.  I tried...and had to quit eight minutes in.  There was too much pain to continue.  I tried again on Thursday.  It was a good day to try too --- I had had a frustrating day and the weather was perfect.  I did a little better this time, but still couldn't go the whole 20 minutes without walking.  I hit a wall after about ten minutes, and had to walk for a minute.  I ran and walked alternately after that.  I chalked my Thursday failure up to a poor diet (I'd eaten garbage that day and neglected my water intake).  I decided to try again today.  I watched what I ate all day, and I hydrated as I watched the Rangers game.  After they pulled off an exhilirating win over the Yankees, I laced up and headed out.  Again, I improved a little bit from my last attempt, but only made it about 12 or 13 minutes before I had to go back to alternately walking and running.


Week 5 Day 3, you win.  I'm moving on to Week 6.

It's so frustrating, but I'm quickly learning to focus on the little victories.  I've come so far in my running program.  A few weeks ago, I could not have run three minutes without needing to stop and walk, and now I'm making it to the 12-minute mark.  I know I'll get it eventually.  I just have to keep putting on those fun shoes and hitting the pavement. 

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