Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Fiver (belated): Indulgent Foods I Won't Give Up

Like a lot of other people, I'm trying to eat smarter and healthier.  But, also like a lot of other people, I have certain foods I am simply not willing to give up.  I will eat them in moderation (isn't that the key anyway?), but they're not leaving my diet.  Sorry Bob and Jillian.

1.  Cheesy potato soup

I absolutely love this stuff. Especially in the fall and winter. My friend, Matt sent me an easy (but not very healthy) crockpot recipe. It includes frozen hashbrowns, a whole lot of Velveeta, a stick of butter, cream of chicken soup and garlic salt/powder. I'm actually making a crockpot of it right now.  Mmmm.

2.  Lefse

It's a Norwegian dessert that's basically a flour and lard tortilla served with butter and sugar. Sounds good, right:? My mom makes this at major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), and I suppose someday I'll learn to make it too.  It's so so so so good.  (If anyone's interested, maybe I can post the recipe and photos from my own lefsa-making session this winter.)

3.  Donuts

Sometimes, I just really want a fried circle covered with sugar or frosting.  I don't eat them everyday (like I used to).  I know how bad they are for me.  But I can't resist them.  They're too good.

4.  Crab rangoons

Cream cheese and crab stuffed in a fried shell.  Mmmm. These may be my sole reason for going to Chinese buffet places.  There's one here in town that makes the BEST crab rangoons ever.  My parents concur on this opinion.

5.  Pizza, more specifically, Casey's pizza

I have seen all the nutritional facts on pizza.  I know it's possibly the worst thing you can eat.  And, if you're like me, eating one piece is nearly impossible.  I've tried to keep myself from eating it, but I can't stick to it.  It's easy to pick up on the go, plus the cheesy goodness is hard to stay away from.

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