Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fiver: Songs About Me (I Wish)

I asked Twitter followers and Facebook friends today the same question -- "What song do you wish you could say was written for or about you?"  I got a lot of interesting replies -- some serious and some funny.  I also discovered some great new songs that way.  Meanwhile, I thought of my own list.  Since I'm a music-phile, this was a pretty arduous task.  My list could probably go on forever.  But here are the top five.

1.  "She's More" by Andy Griggs

Ok, so I think this song really is about me.  Just listen to the lyrics and tell me it doesn't describe me to a T.  Or at least, I hope it's how someone might describe me.  In essence, I've accepted the fact that I'm not the girl any guy dreams about, but I keep hoping I'll surprise someone and he'll think I might be even better than the girl in his dreams.

2.  "Such A Way" by Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

I never get tired of hearing this song. Obviously, I don't really want to be "Liz" or "daughter of the woman down the street."  I want to be the "girl from Greenwich."  "She stopped me in my tracks. She tells me when I'm wrong, and she always makes me laugh. And of all the pretty women that I see every day, she's the only one who moves in such a way. She moves in such a way, that I still fall in love with her every single day..." *sigh*

3.  "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne

I'd love to be someone's soft place to fall at the end of the day.  The only person who "gets" him and gets TO him.

4. "She" by Britten

Much thanks to Robyn for introducing me to this guy's music.  This song melts me.  "You know she's got a special way of turning simple into sexy..."

5.  "Honestly For You" by Tony Lucca

Tony's voice definitely adds to the appeal of this song (it's in my top five male voices).  But the lyrics are just gorgeous.  About someone loving you for you.  Who doesn't want that?  "I hear you when you call for me, you're reaching out to offer me the sweetest taste of heaven."  *swoons*

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