Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth -- Day 13: Dear John...

Day 13 -- A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear John,

I swear this letter will be much kinder than the song of the same name by Ms. Taylor Swift (by the way, you really shouldn't have messed with her head like that, although she should have known you were a douche).  Anyhow.  I did promise this would be nice, and it will.  I have nothing but love for you as a musician.  As cliche as it sounds, your music changed my life.

I moved to Texas in 2002, knowing just two people in the state (both of whom lived hours away).  I had bought your album, "Room For Squares" a few months before my move, and I listened to it intently.  On a whim, I joined your fan club one night because I saw that I would get awesome concert seats out of the deal.  I ended up getting a lot more.  Through the message boards, I forged some very valuable friendships, many of which continue to this day (even though your message boards became lame very quickly and now no longer even exist).  I almost backed out of going to my first concert in 2003 (because I didn't have anyone to go with), but a few people (Mandee, Carol, Marianne, etc.) refused to let me do that.  They told me I HAD to go and they would find someone to take my extra ticket.  Tiffany was my first Mayer concert partner.  Our seats sucked, and I cut off Andy Roddick's head when he stopped to take a photo with Tiffany, but the experience was good enough that I continued. 

In the summer of 2004, I embarked on what is known as the TexASS Triangle --- shows in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in three days.  It was incredible, and I met even more people with whom to share your music.  It was so good, many of us decided to hit up at least one more show.  Two weeks later, we drove 20 hours roundtrip in three days to catch a concert in Birmingham.  It was a crazy, exhausting and exhilirating trip.  It wasn't kind to my bank account, but if I had the opportunity to go back and do it over, I wouldn't change anything....except that I wouldn't let Mandee stop the car in Start, Louisiana.

Since that first album and round of shows, you have consistently brought new tunes and people into my life.  Every time I pick up a new album, I feel like you must have been wandering around in my brain, extracting thoughts and feelings I didn't know I had -- or at least couldn't put into words -- and turning them into amazing compositions. Were you?  I really need to know. 

"Love Song For No One" will probably always be my anthem, with "Something's Missing" a close second. "Perfectly Lonely" is one I've been clinging to lately.  I feel like I'm constantly "In Repair," and I can't tell you how many times I've belted out "I'm Gonna Find Another You."  This list could go on and on, as various songs of yours hit me at the most random times.  I never know which one it's going to be either.  And I like it that way.

Naturally, you have also served as a gateway artist to several other favorites.  Because of you, I discovered David Ryan Harris, Gavin DeGraw, Marc Broussard, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Andy Davis, Toby Lightman, Matt Nathanson, Tyler Hilton, Curtis Peoples, Ernie Halter, Tyrone Wells and Todd Carey...just to name a few.  (Of course, if it wasn't for Tony Lucca, I never would have discovered you, so thanks, Tony.)

Truly, Mr. Mayer, you have led me on an incredible musical journey full of fascinating people, exciting adventures and valuable friendships.  I don't think I can thank you enough, although I've definitely given you plenty of my money over the years.  I'll keep it coming as long as you uphold your part of the bargain -- more songs, more concerts and more great times with my friends.

In gratitude,

P.S.  Here is the first John Mayer song I fell in love with ... and I still love it everytime I hear it.

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