Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Santa ...

Here are a few of the Santa letters I've had the privilege of typing up in the past week.  There are no typos. I have left in the poor spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Enjoy! P.S. In case it's unclear, my words are in italics.

Dear Santa,

How are you and mis claus? I’m fine. Santa, the most important thing on my list is, I want all the kitten and puppies to have a nice home and be safe. The other things I would like to have is an eltric train and an original Optamis Prime.Santa, thank you for reading my letter.


((Aw, Roger -- I want all puppies and kitten[s] to have a nice home too.))

Dear Santa,

My name is Sammi. Can you get my mom some long, black church gloves? My mom has a black drees and sweter for it, and I hope all kids who don’t have a … home, toys, clothes, and food get some. I have a few questions for you, am I on the good list or bad list? Is Rudolph’s nose still glowing? Is he still the leader? I think my sisters, my brother and me goin to cookies for you! But we might not. Here are some gifts. Can I have some? DSI, Justin Bieber CD, My American Girl Doll, Laptop and a feeling ring.

Merry Christmas

((Hey Sammi - if you have to ask if you're on the good list or bad list, you're probably on the bad list.))

Dear Santa

My name is chasidy. Im making cookies and milk for you. I’m going to leave some brocoli, carrots and radishes for the rain deer. Can you give Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer a carrot. He should eat healthy, and goes for the other reindeers. I have been very good. I only flipped a card once. Can you write back to me cause you wrote to me last year? You are the best Santa ever. I hope no one will replace you. Are your elves big or small? Do you like cats or dogs? Can I get a nintendo DSI?

Merry chritmas from chasidy

((I was unaware that the reindeer have been eating unhealthy foods. And what is this about Santa being replaced?  I thought he had job security.))

Dear Santa

I just want a good christmas and for the kids that don’t have any toys to get some. I hope everyone has a good christmis.

Your friend

((All together now -- awwwww.))

Dear Santa,

What I really want for christmas is somthing to give to my mom. She realy likes music. She might want an I pod. How are the reindeer? How long do you work? Our class concert is coming up. I have a speaking part I am very scared. Can I ever see your reindeer? Please bring me presents.


((Don't be scared, Bailey. I'm sure you'll be great.))

I would like 98 silly bands and a helicopter for Christmas. Merry Christmas Santa!

Your friend, Aaron

((Aaron gets right to the point, and he's specific.))

Dear Santa,

I want a toy monster Truck for Christmas If you get me it thank you. I want it because me and my brother can play with it. We like to play with it outside. how are you guys doing in Southpoule? So you can see I want a Monster Truck.


((Apparently Andrew is writing to a different Santa.))

Dear Santa,

How are you? For Christmas I want an ipod nano. Is one reindeer named Brittany?

Your bud,

((When did Brittany join the team?))

Dear Sana

Do you like ot read book? Do you like to eat nachos? For Christmas I want a room and I want for Christmas a princess dress. Thank you.


((Maybe we should start leaving nachos out for Santa.))

Dear Santa,

please can I have L Drago? It is a blade blade. I haven him but he is breken because of the thing that maks him spin. I need a piece so it will stay so it can spin. L Drago is at Alco in a big box with pegasus. How hard is your job? Have a good Christmas.

Your friend,

((I love that Joseph is explaining in depth why he wants this toy and where in town to find it.))

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph still alive? Can I please have a DSIXL for Christmas? Can I please have a teddy bear for Christmas. For Christmas I would like you to bring my DaDa motorcycle.


((I missed Rudolph's apparent death??))

Dear Santa,

Are there flowers up north? I would like a chew toy for my puppy. He is always chewing on things. This morning he started to eat my dress. It’s fun to have him but he chews on everything.


((I laughed so hard at this letter.  Thanks, Ainsley.))

Dear Santa,

How are you? I would like for my dad to have a bike. I would like that so we could go bike riding. I would also like my dad to have a bike because we can spend more time together. One more thing is I can go on a bike trip. In conclusion, I wish my dad could have a bike!


((This one warmed my heart.))

I'll post my own letter to Santa later this week.

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