Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ten Lessons in 2010: Eight

EIGHT: Alone time is very valuable.

During Hotel Carolina, I shared a beautiful beachhouse with eleven other people. As much as I enjoyed the accommodations and the company, I was ready to return home.  I even skipped out on a night of post-show partying with my roommates because I simply couldn't handle any more together time.

Part of the reason for this is because I'm an INFP.  I enjoy socialization ... in moderation. I'm sure my tendencies are exacerbated by the fact that I have lived alone for much of the last eight years.  I am used to having quiet, solo time, and thus, too much time surrounded by people can lead to some emotional discomfort.  I can't quite describe how it feels, but it's very real and quite misunderstood.

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