Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fiver: Dream house

As some of you know, I am in the process of searching for my first home to buy. Talk about scary. I've watched tons of HGTV shows about this --  I loooove "House Hunters," "My First Place" and "Property Virgins" -- but it's still a very big step.  I may not have Sandra Rinomato, but my realtor is still very cool and very helpful. During our first session and subsequent property tour, she was quick to point out places I DON'T want to live and issues in homes that will need addressing. I feel like she's honest and looking out for my best interest, which is exactly what I need.

Now, I've always been aware that my first home will not be my dream home. I have to work toward that.  Right now, I just need a place with enough space for me and the kitties, a kitchen conducive to my love of baking and a garage for Ribbie (that's my car). I think I'll be able to find that soon.

That doesn't stop me from looking down the road though. Over the years, my idea of my dream home has changed. I once wanted an older house with a wraparound porch and lots of rooms.  My dream has a different shape now.  Here are the top five things that will be a part of or in my dream home ...

1.  Lots of woodwork and character. 

I absolutely love the arts and crafts style for this very reason.  My great-uncle and great-aunt have a beautiful craftsman, and while the rooms are a bit small and chopped up for my taste, the other details cannot be ignored -- heavy doors, built-in storage, a wooden staircase with a huge banister.  Love it. I want a new house that feels old.

2.  Large kitchen. 

As I mentioned, I love to bake, and I don't want to feel crowded when I do this.  I need room to prepare the goods, cool them and serve them. 

3.  Attached garage.

I am thoroughly missing my attached garage in my temporary home. I haven't even been here a week, but carrying my few groceries around the house and up the stairs is already a pain.  I'm not looking forward to scraping ice and snow off of Ribbie in the coming weeks either.

4.  En suite master bathroom, including a huge tub.

One of my shopping addictions is Lush, a company that makes organic bath supplies. I love their bath melts and fizzies, but I really haven't had a proper tub in which to use them.  Someday I will though, and I'll feel like Chandler felt in that episode of "Friends," where he learns the joy of baths.

5.  Handyman/landscaper/snow removal specialist

I am not very handy. I don't love mowing (but I don't mind it). I hate shoveling snow. I'd like someone to take care of these tasks, please. Maybe someone like Simon Baker in "Something New."

I don't think I'm looking for too much, do you?


  1. Oh man, can I tell you how much I'm obsessed with those shows as well? I'm nowhere near buying a home, but I love planning out my future. I love putting myself in the buyers shoes, especially house hunters international!

  2. I hear you, Micah. Looking for your own place for the first time is really a big step. I remember when I was looking for my first apartment; I really didn’t know what to do. I had no idea what to look for and how to fit everything on my budget. Good thing there were friends who helped me along the way. I think by now, you already found your dream house. How is it, by the way? {Abdul Jackson }

  3. The next time I purchase a house, I will make sure that it has a large kitchen. I love cooking and baking, so I want to have a spacious kitchen area wherein I can store all my kitchen utensils and baking equipment. I also want to provide a space for my daughters where they can sit comfortably as they watch me bake some sweets. :)

    Genny Stutesman


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