Friday, April 29, 2011

What would yours say?

This week's "Glee" was one of the best episodes this season.  I didn't previously like the Lady Gaga song, "Born This Way," but their performance gave me a new appreciation for it.  In the video, you'll see they're wearing shirts with print on them. Each character chose a phrase a word to describe something about themselves that they've had trouble accepting. Maybe they were teased for it, or maybe they just always hated it.

It got me thinking -- what would I put on my shirt if I was a member of New Directions?  It'd be hard for me to pick just one thing.  There were a lot of things I've hated about myself throughout my life -- my masculine name (why couldn't my parents have named me something I could get on a necklace?) and my naturally curly hair (I want straight hair like all the pretty girls in my class).  I love both of those things now though, so what's left?  What phrase would I put on my shirt?

Oh yeah.

"Chipmunk cheeks."

They were the principle thing I was made fun of throughout high school.  Really only a few boys teased me about them, but obviously their comments have stuck with me.  I don't hate my cheeks, but I'm definitely self-conscious about them, especially when I smile. But, short of plastic surgery (and I'm not going that route), there's nothing I can do about them.  I was born this way, baby.

What would your shirt say?

1 comment:

  1. I think mine would say "squinty eyes". My eyes almost completely close when I smile, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it! I was born this way!

    And, I <3 Gaga!


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