Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fiver: Questions about childhood

I found a set of five questions about my childhood to use as this week's post.  Enjoy!

1) What is your most treasured childhood memory?
When I was younger, my parents, brother and I would have dinner every Sunday with Grandpa Dale. We almost always went to Story City, usually to Valhalla, where they had a big buffet set up.  My brother would load up his plate with fried chicken and rolls.  I also enjoyed the chicken and rolls, but often included some mashed potatoes and ham as well.  Grandpa usually ordered a meal instead of going to the buffet, and he always ordered the meal that came with green beans, but he wouldn't eat them because he'd eaten them too much while he was in the military.  He could have asked for a substitute vegetable or salad, but he never did.  I've always wondered why.  After dinner, Grandpa would want to make a loop through town.  Sometimes, we were able to talk him into stopping at the carousel.  I remember these times pretty vividly, and I think I appreciate the tradition more now than I did then.

2) What was your favourite childhood toy? Why did you like it?

My parents would probably tell you it was Blue Baby, a doll with a blue fabric body and plastic face and hands.  She even had a bottle in one hand, which you could fit into her mouth.  I have no idea why I loved this toy so much, but I really always was drawn to dolls.  Barbies never held my attention for long, but I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids.

3) What was your favourite childhood show? Who was your favourite character?

I loved loved loved "Gummi Bears."  It was an excellent reason to get up early on a Saturday morning (today's cartoons blow, by the way).  I don't know that I had a favorite character, but I always got excited when they drank the special juice and then could bounce all over.  Sounds strange when you write it out, but it was fun to watch.

4) Who was your best childhood friend and what is your clearest memory of this person?
Erica Skartvedt was probably my first childhood friend.  I dropped out of preschool, due to bullying, and Erica's mom babysat me.  We stayed friends throughout our school years.  I remember lots of weekends of staying overnight with Erica, sleeping in her parents' camper and watching scary movies (she introduced me to "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Candyman").  We're connected through facebook now, but definitely not as tight as we were back then.

5) What is the best gift you ever remember receiving as a child?
I got a purple and pink bike for my birthday one year.  I adored that bike, and I rode it until it was completely worn out.  I don't have a bike at all now, but sometimes I watch people riding and think I should change that.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I'll be jetting off to Ames to spend the weekend with my family and attend the wedding of two dear friends.

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