Sunday, May 29, 2011

My first place -- Bedroom art edition

It took me a few months of arduous online and in-store searching, but I finally found a bedspread I love.  For some reason, I was drawn to blues and greens, and I ended up with this:

((Photo courtesy of

I really want to bring out more of the green, which I plan to do with some custom art.  I searched all over etsy for a suitable painting or photo set, but I couldn't find anything I loved.  So I bought some cardstock in a shade of green that very closely matches the green in the spread and a white paint marker.  Now I have to decide what to do with those supplies. 

I think I mentioned yesterday that I'm kind of design challenged, so I'm calling on my readers to give me their thoughts/advice.

Should I mimic the design on the bedspread ....

((Photo courtesy of me))

 ...or go in a completely different direction? 


  1. Cute spread! I'd go really abstract. If you try for a uniform pattern any mistakes will be glaring. With abstract anything will work!

  2. I was kind of thinking that too, Danielle. I have seven squares of cardstock. I'll probably only use three, but I wanted to have enough in case I made a mistake.

  3. So, just the green? Do you have any white/cream paper you could add? Because then I would just do something very simple (stripes, squares, etc). Neutral frames (or ones that go with your furniture). Another idea is to get ornate frames, paint them white/cream and then put the solid paper inside (as in the frames become the art). Also, a good rule to follow is that things always look better in odd numbers.

  4. Another idea. Get square frames or canvases and then just keep the plain green (no pattern). When you hang them, turn them into diamonds! A echo to the bedspread without being to literal.

    I could go on and on.

    heh, my security word is patte.

  5. I'm really graphically challenged as well, but I love the bedding and the colour scheme!

  6. I like Jaci's ideas about the diamonds. That would be simple and classy.


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