Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh happy day?

Two of the posts in my google reader this morning were about being happy.  Did I miss Happiness Day?  Is there a new trend coming on?  Maybe it's just coincidence, but perhaps we should start a movement.  I know some people who could really use it.

Lolaisforlovers made a list of 10 reasons her life is awesome right now.  I added my own list in her comments, and I'm thinking maybe I need to start doing that on a more regular basis.  I used to post a "gratitude journal" on facebook of five things I was thankful for each week.  It was so helpful.  Even when I had a bad week, I could always find five things that made me smile.  It really helped put things in perspective for me.  I may need to bring that meme over here. Thanks for the reminder, Lola!!

Then, Caroline wrote about "choosing happiness." As a girl who's battled some form of undiagnosed depression for much of my life, I've heard the same things Caroline did about emotions being a choice.  My (un)favorite phrase is "fake it til you make it."  I can't even count the number of days I've faked being happy when I really wasn't.  So can you really choose to be happy?  I don't know if you can actually choose how you feel, but I do believe it's possible to turn a bad mood around --- maybe not all the way to happiness, but any improvement is good on a bad day. 

I have some tried and true methods of bringing sunshine into my day when I feel like I'm blanketed in grey.

::: A folder of sweet/funny messages (not forwards) from friends. The folder is called "smiles," and it's been my saving grace more than once.

::: Youtube videos of animals and kids doing cute things. Who doesn't love the surprised kitty or the little girl who says she's not getting married until she has a job? It's not a kid or a puppy, but the literal version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is good for a laugh too.

::: A collection of songs and albums that lift my spirits, sometimes because of the nature of their songs and sometimes because of memories attached to their songs. Dave Barnes, Todd Carey, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Tim Stop Trio and John Mayer are at the top of this very long list.

::: Damnyouautocorrect.com. One day, I was reading it in the office, and I was laughing so much that a co-worker came to check on me and make sure I was OK.

On the rare occasions those don't work, it's very frustrating.  Fortunately, I've learned that all I need to do is hold on and wait for a new day.

What's awesome about your life right now?  What pulls you out of a bad mood?

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  1. I love these ideas. I had a friend who was going through a really 'unhappy' period, and I sat and compiled a big e-mail for her of the things that make me happy, which I saved for my own future reference. Along with many of your methods, I listed...

    Lots of books, articles, movies (LOVE happy movies- and can always find an uplifting message in a movie, flowers, colorful things in my home- even my food, candles, Food Network, coffee, wine (in that order), bargain shopping, and last but not least- working out doesn't directly translate into HAPPY, but it does help eliminate the unhappy.

    Thanks for your comment today. Those are the 2 shows that I've been dying to watch from beginning to end (I have never watched either- living under a rock, for a while there). I will by the end of the summer (Gilmore Girls for sure, not sure if the FNL is a/v)! Especially after your comment.


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