Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get out of town

I'm completely content being a homebody most of the time.  A near perfect weekend for me consists of sleeping in, reading, catching up on DVR, baseball and baking.  I'm very OK with my only human contact being through the computer from Friday evening to Monday morning.  I guess this is part of being an INFP.  These kinds of weekends help me recharge.

Every now and then, though, I get the itch to escape for a few days and have fun with friends.  My favorite getaway spot, it seems, is Minneapolis.  Two of my college roommates live up there, and visiting them is always a great vacation.  They've known me for almost 13 years, and they've seen me in just about every state of being.  With them, I can completely be myself and feel loved and appreciated without putting on any kind of front.  Whenever I return from a weekend with them, I feel as refreshed and as confident as ever.  Everyone should have friends like this.

The only part I don't really care for is the drive there and back.  It's about 4.5 hours, and it always feels really long.  I love my music, but after awhile, I find myself changing CDs constantly to try and find something to occupy my mind while I drive. My eating habits also go to crap.  Whenever I stop for gas and a bathroom break, I have a hard time resisting the mini donuts and Twizzlers.  And then I feel gross by the end of the drive.

So, I'm going to try and switch things up for this trip.  Here's what I'm packing in the car ...

 An audiobook.
I've heard it's a great book, and it's just about the right length for what I need this weekend.  
I figure this is lighthearted enough to be entertaining but a bit more mentally engaging than my favorite tunes.

Healthy snacks.
Baby carrots, Special K cracker chips and a few 100 calorie packs of something sweet.  
I'm also taking a reusable bottle for water, so I don't have to buy it (and thus end up with a soda instead).

What else do I need for my roadtrip survival kit?  

Look for some fun photos and thoughts when I return.  Other than fun, I never know what to expect when I visit my Twin Cities friends.  I've also squeezed some firsts into this trip -- Zumba, a manicure and a trip to Target Field to see my Rangers for the first time since Opening Day in 2009.  Good times are ahead, indeed.


  1. Let me know what you think of Bossypants...I'm looking for an audio book for my trip to DSM later this month.

    Those Special K Cracker Chips are the!

    Most importantly, have fun! I know how, as an introvert, we need our time to recharge whether alone or with the few people who totally "get" us.

  2. I hope you're having a fun weekend. Can't wait to see pics!


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