Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday's Snapshot: The Great Outdoors

The primary task on my weekend to-do list was my lawn.  I confess I let it go too long between cuttings (two weeks ... eek!), and it took me twice as long to mow.  And then I had to rake up the clippings.  Well, most of them.  I only did the front yard.  Don't tell on me.  On a mission to continue beautifying the exterior at my house, I went to pick up some flowers.  I filled my two planter boxes for the deck in back and picked up another pre-planted planter for the front.  I still need to get some plantings for around a tree in the front yard, and I might just finish that tomorrow.  All in all, it was a productive day, but I barely checked off half of my weekend to-do list.  I guess I'm going to have to hit it hard tomorrow.  For now, it's time for Rangers baseball and a beer (or two).

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