Thursday, July 7, 2011

WLJ: Keep on keepin' on

I realize it's Thursday, not Tuesday.  So this entry is two days late?  Big deal.

I almost didn't check in with you all (my readers are now my accountability buds, did you know?) this week, but I started to feel a little guilty.  See, your presence is working?  I feel bad if I don't say anything or don't have anything to say to you after all the support you've offered me.

That said, I was dreading getting on the scale on Tuesday.  You see, I went out of town late last week.  To a music festival that is pretty much like the state fair.  Tons of tasty temptations.  And outside of walking the festival grounds, I really didn't get in a workout.  I knew the number wasn't going to be good.  I debated getting on the scale at all, but I did anyway.  I was curious.

Hmm. (that was my reaction after seeing the digital number on the scale)

The number wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.

I can recover from that.

And I will.

It's taken me a little while to get back to my regular schedule and habits, but I am.  I'm sticking to my points (it helps when I'm surrounded by healthier temptations), and I'm getting my workouts in (they feel really good too).  I know I shouldn't let vacations disrupt my goal, but as long as they're brief and I get back to it, I don't feel so bad.

As I've said before, that's the key --- keeping on, even after a setback (whether it's self-inflicted or not).

My birthday is coming up, and I know where I want to be by that date.  I'm motivated to work on getting there.

Weight-loss goal: 40 lbs.
This week's progress: +1.6 lbs.
Progress to date: -5.6 lbs.

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