Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vague musings about life and music

I used to fall asleep to music all the time, but it's no longer a necessity like it once was.  But last night, my brain wouldn't shut up, so I decided to try and trick it with music.  I pulled out an old mixtape I made in high school to play while I drifted off to sleep.  It worked -- I eventually did fall asleep. 

But I did catch a few songs before I found dreamland.  They were a bit of a timewarp (mid-90s favorites), but I was dismayed to find out how much I still relate to them.  That's right -- I wasn't surprised that they hit me.  Obviously, the songs were significant to me at one time.  That doesn't just go away.  But they hit harder than I would have liked. The songs still struck a very sensitive chord.

I have experienced so much life since I made that tape, but I guess I haven't changed as much over the past decade or so as I thought I had.

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