Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Reads of the Week

I love a good blog share.  As I've mentioned before, I read a ton of blogs everyday.  Here are my five favorite posts from the past week or so.

Man Candy Monday (An Unstyled Life) - Last week, J put up Jake Gyllenhaal.  This week, she posted pic spam of Zac Efron (my newest obsession).  I swear she's just trying to win me over.  One thing is clear ... she and I have similar taste in men.  Good thing she's married so I don't have to compete with her.  Ha ha.

Pictures of Girls Eating (The Frenemy) - Sounds like a project for hilarity, but it's so much more. "This is a giant FUCK YOU as well- to the pictures we strive to look like, the dummy reality star non-contributors who make us question how we look, the moments we will have had and will have where we get mad at our pants."

Writer's Workshop: Blast from the Past (Rainy Saturday) - I thoroughly enjoyed this post because it reminds me of journeying through my own past journal/blog entries. Good stuff here.

We Become Our Mothers (Plot Monkeys) - This blog is written by some of my favorite romance authors, and this post made me laugh.  I have caught myself saying or thinking things that reminded me of my mother.  A few decades ago, this might have terrified me, but now, it just makes me smile.  I wish I was more like my mom.

The Jewelry Wall (Live a Little Wilder) - My friend, Jill, introduced me to this blog, and I have enjoyed every post.  This one, in particular, struck me because it's a brilliant idea. I've been using a cork board and push pins as necklace holders.  Yeah, I thought I was genius, but it really isn't working out like I hoped it would.  This would be much better.  Might be a project next summer.

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