Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fiver - Best Reads This Week

Every day, my Google Reader is bursting with humor, insights, recipes, craft ideas, fashion tips and more.  I sincerely look forward to poring over it each morning. Today, I've decided to share the five best blog posts I read this week. Total copout? Or really awesome?  You decide.

Smart, Pretty and Awkward (Thursday's post) -- She has some very helpful advice on how to live better and be better.  Love it.

Iowa Girl Eats (20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge) -- I joined this challenge, but the best part of this post is the AWESOME turkey burger recipe. I think I need to try it this weekend.

We Love Dates (Dating Profile Dealbreakers) -- Jenn has a lot more dating experience than I do (good and bad), and I always enjoy her posts at this site.  But this post in particular spoke to me because there are so many BAD dating profiles out there.  

Southified Masshole (And Then I Went to See a Psychic) -- Rachael is one of my favorite social media gals.  And I totally want to try a psychic reading.  But we'll have to wait until January because of my self-benefitting spending freeze.

An Unstyled Life (Man Candy Monday) -- She put up a bunch of pics of my future husband, so naturally I liked this post.

What's on your weekend agenda?  I have a work Christmas party Saturday night, but that's my only commitment of the weekend.  The rest of it will be spent writing, watching football, working out and watching cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime, Hallmark and ABC Family. I can't wait.

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