Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December!

A new month is here. Even though it's really just the turning of a calendar page, it always feels a little like a clean slate.  Then again, that's how I feel about New Year's Eve too (my favorite holiday, by the way).  I've decided to take a page from J over at An Unstyled Life and set some goals at the beginning of each month. Oh, and I'll let you know if I accomplish them.  Don't worry.

December Goals
  • Don't buy anything for myself that's not a necessity.  You don't know how hard this is. Online shopping is an addiction.
  • Workout at least five times each week. I'm part of Iowa Girl Eats' 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge.
  • Continue writing (and maybe finish?) my NaNoWriMoProject. Now that I have some voracious readers, I'll be more committed to keep going.
  • Put together my Christmas letter. I had an awesome year.  It's time to reflect on it.
  • Be more social on a local level. I was gone so much in the summer and fall, it's time for me to hang out with people here.
I think this is a pretty good start.  Do you have goals for the month?

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