Friday, January 6, 2012

It's finally Friday!

What a long week.

OK, so I know it was the same length as any other, but it sure felt longer.

Part of it was returning after the holiday break.  And part of it was me settling into a new routine.

Overall, it was a good week though. 

The highlights?

::: The arrival of a new baby girl!  Congrats to my friends, Heather and Coltan.  I can't wait to meet little Carley.

::: Successfully working out every night except Tuesday.  But I'm going tonight (and probably tomorrow), so it's fine.  I'm kind of addicted to my gym.

::: The return of new TV show episodes. "Grey's Anatomy" made me bawl like a baby (I'm such a sap).  And I'm so happy to have Bob Harper and Dolvett on my TV again on Tuesday nights.

::: Hitting nearly 60 degrees on Thursday.  This is Iowa.  And it's January. That doesn't happen.

::: Neil Patrick Harris on "The Price is Right."  Yep, I totally DVRed it. I adore him.

::: Finding "Just Dance 3" at the local RedBox.  I'm definitely having a solo weekend dance party.  Woot!

::: Discovering some new blogs through my link up on Thursday.  I love adding to my google reader!!

I'm really looking forward to my weekend.  I plan to spend some time on Pinterest exploring some options for a project I want to do (more on this tomorrow), play some Just Dance 3 and catch up on some of the TV I recorded but didn't get to watch this week.  It's going to be grand.

What was awesome about your week?  
What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I am also in love with NPH!! Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?


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