Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday - Country Flashback

A friend texted me Saturday while she was cleaning her place.  She said she was listening to an old CD and Kellie Coffey's "Texas Plates" came on.  Wow.  Really brought back memories of cruising town and chasing a few boys (with Iowa plates) back in high school.  Who knew I'd have Texas plates someday?  (I still have one of them, by the way.)  Or that I'd have actual connections to the Lone Star State?  Hmm.  Life is funny sometimes.

Anyway, I went to find the video on youtube, and that lead me to click on a few in the sidebar as well.  I don't listen to much country these days and I forgot how much I loved a few of these songs.

This guy was my first love in country music.  Absolutely adored him.  And this song.

Um, I definitely made up alternate lyrics to the chorus of this song in high school (to fit my crush at the time, of course). I'm not going to tell you what those lyrics were.

I used to think this was the SWEETEST song ever written. It's still pretty great.

I still think this song was written about me. 
Or at least, I keep hoping someone hears it and it reminds them of me. :)

I adore SheDaisy.

This was one of Amy's favorite groups.  
We used to blast this and sing along on the way to and from Rangers games. 
Sigh. I miss her.

And this song definitely still hits home quite often.

This one's not old, but it's probably one of my favorite recent songs. 

Thanks for going on that little musical journey with me. 
Happy Monday everyone!

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